The Chemo Project ( Player included )

All of the songs can be found on Itunes, Bandcamp and Spotify. If you don’t wanna go anywhere then stick around and click the songs below. Song order is First song of the project to almost the last of the project. Years 2013-2014.

First off we need some coffee to get us going.
1 song.

2 song.

3 ( :turd ) song.

4 song.

5 song.

6 song.

7 song.

Eight song.

9 song.

10 song.

11 song.

12 song.

13 song.

14 song.

15 song.

16 song.

17 song.

18 song.

19 song.

20 song.

21 song.

22 song.

There are more songs that are not published nor will they ever be. Peter has left the music scene so our project is at PAUSE mode.


The album 2016?

Yes i am writing a new album this year. It´s going to be a electronic album and in some sense a solo album. I have done 2 “solo” albums since 2000 and this will be the 3. Am i going to release it? i don’t know. Am i going to make a record? I don’t know. What i do know is that i am enjoying writing theses songs alone and in peace. If you are interested in what i do you can find it in pictures on instagram.
Cold up north.

The band where i beat the shit out of those drums. Aloof

Well it had to happen at some point. Patrik and me where always playing in different bands and never on tour at the same time. When The Virgins ended we started to talk about having one last punkband before we start playing jazz like the old farts that we most likely will end up as. We sat down wrote some tracks with Andreas and recorded this EP. Im on the drums after having a break from them since i went to “folk”university to read music.
Link to Spotify:  Aloof – Beneath The End

Recorded 2006/2007

Aloof – No Longer Video

Spotify player below:

The Me/We project ( player included )

The Me We project was a interesting time. I found this girl on instagram  Valentina who was a singer and wanted to collaborate on some songs. We ended up skypeing a lot and shared ideas via the internet. 3 songs where written and recorded over weekends. Enjoy!

Written in 2013 by Valentina Morandini & Kim Lantto.